Solutions, suitable for Individuals

Professional Orientation & Interview Preparation


"Be yourself, as all other roles are taken". How often have we heard this statement, but do you really know Who Are You? What are your Strengths and Talents, Motivation drivers? Which job will bring you most satisfaction and allow you to be at your best? And if you know, how to show it at the interview? We learn about ourselves, prepare to handle an anxiety and be able to demonstrate your full potential.   

Starting Own Business After Employment

Strategic Career development

Quitting Employment and starting own Business - is one of the major milestones in people's life and one of the most important decisions. And this decision shouldn't be a rushed one.  We employ psychometrics to understand real drivers for such a decision. We deal with fears and limiting beliefs. Through our work Client defines own niche, create the strategy and action plan.      

Making Things done: Goal Achievements


Targets might be really different, starting from annual presentation plotting up to new business project development. The scale doesn’t play the major role. Approach does. How many times You have set the goal and somewhere in the middle struggled with its achievement? Often we carry too much and therefore later on loose the focus.  During these sessions Clients learn how to set true goals.

Efficiency Improvement


Here we deal with perfectionism, procrastinations, overall clarity and priorities, motivation & energising, time management, work-life balance, preparation for upcoming event, new promotion and whatever else the Client may bring up to be more efficient in a long-term.

Soft Skills Development


Companies today are on the hunt for individuals who excel in soft skills. By soft skills we mean creativity, communication, critical thinking, empathy, emotional intelligence, leadership and many more. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of these skills, yet it is not so easy to develop them.

Group Masterclasses


Group dynamic is pretty strong and sometimes in particular areas gives even faster results, than individual sessions. Our Group Masterclasses are developed mainly for soft skills development and efficiency improvement. Read more about Group work advantages and check up the schedule of forthcoming events.

My Clients' Profiles

Top & Middle Management


Who leads teams and strives for great quality, customer satisfaction, employees' engagement and balanced life after all, create their own strategies to manage it.  

Individuals at the edge of Professional Change


Who receives important promotion or redundancy note, having a strong desire to change the company or an urge to start own business find right solutions here.

Last year Students & Graduates


Who are aiming for their best achievements, effective and satisfying career development, meaningful internship.  

Whatever service the Client may choose, my goals as an Executive Coach are to assist Clients in:

promoting self-discovery, 

establishing achievable goals, 

assess available capabilities and resources, 

determining a course of action, and

empowering themselves to achieve their goals. 

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Schedule a DISCOVERY session to understand if it is a valuable collaboration. 

Efficiency, Quality and Ethics are taking top positions in my value list. Therefore I always invite my new Clients for a DISCOVERY complimentary session to enable them to understand how much of value he or she can take away from our communication, what kind of collaboration and support to expect throughout our mutual work, which results he or she may achieve during coaching sessions.  

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