About Coaching

Coaching is


set of techniques, build on neuroscience and psychology, using a range of communication skills, such as questioning, listening, clarifying, visualising, etc. Coaching always is: 


Moves the client towards their desired future outcomes, instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction. 


Emphasises the holistic nature of your client, seeing how positive change can fit into their bigger picture.


Trusts the client’s inner resources and skills, respecting their agenda and future outcomes. Coaching is an advice-free zone.  

Action oriented

Pursues transformational change in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behaviour and habit formation.  

What Coaching is NOT


Consulting or Advising

Consultants diagnose the needs of an organization or individual and offer their own solutions based on their specialised expertise.

Coaches use tools and processes to help clients to generate their own solutions and then hold them accountable for following through.

Psychology or Counseling

Unlike therapists and counselors, coaches don't focus on the past experiences that might be the root of the way a person lives or feels. Instead Coaches help their clients get clear on what they want in the future, why they want it, and how they are going to achieve it.

Sport Coach

Sports coaches generally are in charge, setting the goals and the path to victory. Teaching, correcting, and managing are all skills a sports coach would use. Professional business or executive coaching is the opposite; it's the client who sets the goals.

Why to use Coaching



Or the question you may want to ask instead is - 

“What is the value of NOT working with a Coach?”. 

Actual work of the Client is happening between the sessions, when he or she again and again is going through the insights and taken commitments. And this is where the main value comes from. Taken session happens minimum 7 times in the Client’s mind in between the schedule, increasing awareness and forcing development drastically. Usually within 3-4 weeks Clients see their rapid take off and significant improvements within the chosen area. 

It is only your choice, when to start this journey on the way to more productive, efficient and satisfied yourself.  

Areas of Coaching


Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a willing individual who connects at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and vision. 

Therefore, despite the fact, that techniques are the same for any area of coaching, you may want to find a coach, who is really passionate about your subject. 

Most popular areas of coaching today are:

Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Couples or Family Coaching, Health and Nutrition Coaching. 

Find the Coach you can trust. It`s already 50% of the success.